The Dwarves

We started our herd in 2015 with 4 doelings, and we still have those same girls! Over these last 5 years, we have learned A LOT!! We have learned a lot abour everything from which genetics are more dominant, what a easy milking udder feels like, what that standards look like in a goat, and how to apply the "numbers" to a goat or our breedings. We breed for beautiful colors, nice lines, level bodies, nice, big, east-to-milk udders, and for them to be social. 


Through the years that we have been breeding and participating in the ADGA performance programs, we have learned so much that we apply to how we choose breedings and how we manage our herd. We continue to research and read to better our understanding of this amazing animal. Just this year, we searched and searched for our "Unicorn Buck" and we foudn him in Sugar Moon V High Roller "Linus". We are REALLY looking forward to this year's kidding season!  As you will notice, our girls have some interesting names. The Hubs decided on the ABC theme and I chose 16th century English names. Although most of our girls will keep to this theme, some of them do end up being named by the kids :). 

We currently are ADGA members and will soon be joining the AGS family . The preformance programs we participate in are ADGA's Linear Appraisal and DHIA Milk test (we also offer DHIA Testing services to the local surrounding area). If you have any questions about any of our animals or thier managment, feel free to contact us to ask.

Visit our Herdbook or if you are looking to purchase, check out our Breeding Schedule

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