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Online Farm Stand

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Here at the farm, I live by my data and information. I am a bit of a tech junky, so I keep all my data in the cloud so that at any given moment, or any conversation,  I can pull up what I need to in order to keep the conversation going :). I use cloud storage and spreadsheets for ALL of my farm data; kidding and milk dates, kid dates for keeping up with vaccinations, milk star information, farm leads, and more! Even though these sheets and their data are a lifesaver for me, I have never thought to offer these kinds of things to other farms. 

Well, after seeing so many people in the online communities looking for ways to keep up with the data they want to store and reference, I figured, why not? So below, you will find the different sheets we will offer and what they do. These sheets come with written instructions and loom videos on how to use them, and if you are techy enough, make your own changes if need be - maybe drop me a line on your changes so that I can make improvements to these sheets in the future. 

As an extra, I LOVE data entry, so if you are the type that really wants to use this in your farm management, but does not have the time or the desire to enter all of the required data, gimme a shout and we can work up a price for me to get your data into these sheets so that you can 

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