About The Manor

Hey there, I’m Kate, and I along with my husband and two children are The Clan of Craft. Our farm sparked with a desire of being more self-sufficient as a family (with a smidge of anarchy thrown in 😊) and probably like every other backyard farm started with chickens. Mind you, not with any sort of specialty chicken, but just your regular, run-of-the-mill, egg-laying Plymouth White Rocks. We started with a small group of around 15 and included a rooster since, the whole point of being self-sufficient is to be able to keep your stock, flock, seeds, etc. going without having to go to an outside source. From there, our love for what we started grew, soon we were growing a fairly large garden in the summer time and then we made the leap from easy, barnyard chickens to actual livestock and specialty chickens; Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and English Orpington chickens.

Our products and services Right now include eggs and Milk Testing services. We are in the process of adding milk herd shares, goat cheeses, and produce from our garden. We also are always open to any questions about our animals, our way of life, and any services or products we offer. We offer DHIA Testing services to the surrounding area for both Langston DHIA and Diary One DHIA associations on a quote only basis.