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The Flock

The Manor Barnyard flock started with the normal backyard types like the Plymouth White Rock and the Barred Rock. The next breed we added were the Black Astralorp, who are at the higher end of egg laying. We breed and hatch these types to keep our customers in large, richly-colored, and amazing tasting eggs and for customers wanting to have pet chickens of their own, but we have also branched out into a specialty breed; the English Orpington.

Our Orpingtons are big, beautiful birds that have very docile natures. We have an assortment of colors ranging from the standard black, to blue, splash, mauve and chocolate.

Our chickens are pasture-raised and fed a laying mash that does not contain meat by-products mixed with oats, barley, and black oil sunflower seeds. If you are interested in becoming a regular egg customer, please contact us for more information. Our prices for our eggs are $3.00 per dozen.

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