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SG Better Wayz Celestial Star

January 13, 2017

LA V+V+84


Sire: SG Gillispie's Black Bear +*B

SS: Tiny Town Hunting with Emmet *B

SD: SG Old Mountain Farm Sirocco 4*M

Dam: SG Better Wayz Sirocco's Star 5*M

DS: SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B

DD: Old Mountain Farm Sirocco 4*M

Retained Offspring

Craftmade HR Mystic Tarot 2021

Craftmade HR VooDoo Princess 2021

Craftmade HR Moondancer Aja 2022 - AVAILABLE

Craftmade HR Crimson Mistress 2022

Craftmade HR Circle Six "Amos" 2022

Current Year Lactations will be updated quarterly.

Updated 11/28/2022

* Indicate finished lactations     Years are lacation starts

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